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Outback Whoodles
Pacific Northwest

Hours: 8AM - 8PM Pacific 7 days a week
Oregon 97707
Phone: 541-410-1581
Email: info@outbackwhoodles.com

Outback Whoodles

Our House Rules
1. The dogs are allowed in our house, but only in the utility room.
2. All Right! Our dogs are okay in the house, but must not get on the furniture.
3. Great!! Go ahead - the dogs are ok to get on the couch.
4. Dogs on our bed... No Way!!
5. Okay, Okay!! We give... The dogs are allowed on the bed.
Thank Goodness we have a King bed!


 Whoodles and their puppies are our ONLY priority. Our operation is a small family-owned busines Our Whoodles and their puppies are part of our family. Our puppies are born and raised in our house. Our adult whoodles have the run of our home and many acres.

Whoodles are a designer dog mixing Soft coated Wheaten Terrier and Poodle breeding out the bad traits. Whoodles are very smart. Whoodles are a trainable and entertaining dog breed to own. The whoodle has the best traits of both the soft coated wheaten terrier and poodle.

Whoodles have non-to-low shedding coats, added intelligence and are hypoallergenic. Whoodle puppies make a good children pet as Whoodles are very affectional and like other pets. Whoodles also love snow and water and become very animated when playing.

And above all, We Are Not a Puppy Mill or a kennel. Our policy is Quality not Quantity. We have lots of references feel free to ask. Our Whoodles are part of our daily life. Our Whoodles and puppies are in our home, under foot and handled constantly played with and get lots of hugs and belly rubs. Our Whoodle puppies will grow to 25 - 45 pounds. We have both Mini Whoodles and mid size whoodles.

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