Whoodles Contact Info:

Outback Whoodles
Pacific Northwest

Hours: 8AM - 8PM Pacific 7 days a week
Oregon 97707
Phone: 541-410-1581
Email: info@outbackwhoodles.com

Outback Whoodles General Information

Whoodle puppies may vary from black to gold or apricot to creme white wheaten colors and  sometimes an orange one and others as it takes 2 years for them to develop their true color. We have lots of different colors.

Whoodles love attention and are very interactive with children and adults. Whoodles play hard and love to run and rest. Our whoodles are very conscious of your moods, voice and emotions.

Whoodles are also very alert to strange noises or strange voices. Because of that Whoodles make a very alert watchdogs.

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